Useful Documents

Why we kill bugs-the case for collecting insects. An insightful document written by Greg Pohl arguing the case for collecting insects. Originally published in the Newsletter of the Biological Survey of Canada (Terrestrial Arthropods) 28(1):10-17.

Sugaring for moths. From W.J. Holland’s The Moth Book (1903), Dover 1968.

Tips for moth micro photography. An ALG discussion, 5-9 October 2007.

Kenneth Bowman. A biography of the eminent Alberta lepidopterist, written by Leslie Hendra and originally published in Blue Jay 2004, volume 63(4):168-174, and supplement (what didn’t make it into the Blue Jay article).

Build your own light trap. Operation manual for light traps built by Dave Lawrie for the University of Alberta Department of Biological Sciences.


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