Wolley Dod Award – Past

The 2013 winner of the Wolley Dod Award is Doug Macaulay for his discovery of Agriopodes geminata (Noctuidae) a new Alberta record from Dilberry Lake in eastern AB.


The 2012 Wolley Dod Award was won by the Fort MacMurray Naturalists (collectively) for their first confirmed records of Actias luna (Saturniidae) in Alberta, based on several photos submitted to various biologists. Photo records were made by “abacus99”, Kelly Brouwer, Bart Crist, Jeremy Gatten, and Clarence Makowecki.


The 2011 winner of the Wolley Dod Award is Jan Scott for her discovery of  Dioryctria rossii and D. auranticella (Pyralidae), two very similar species, both new to Alberta, in her back yard in Medicine Hat.

Dioryctria rossii (upper left) and D. auranticella (lower right) (Pyralidae)

The 2010 winners of the Wolley Dod Award are Christi Jaeger, Danika Richard, & Greg Pohl for their discovery of  Paraclemensia acerifoliella (Incurvariidae), a new Alberta record and discovery of a new host plant family and species for this moth. The discovery was based on a photo taken at Lac La Biche by Stan Gosche; GRP made the identification, and CJ & DR found the larvae in a new hostplant.

The 2009 winners of the Wolley Dod Award are Jason Dombroskie, Chris Schmidt, and Gary Anweiler for their discovery of  Epinotia aridos (Tortricidae), a new Canadian record, collected near Jasper by BCS & GGA, and identified by JDD.

© Jason Dombroskie

The 2008 winners of the Wolley Dod Award are Greg Pohl & Jean-François Landry for their discovery of  Bedellia somnulentella (Bedelliidae) a new family and species for AB, discovered near Sherwood Park by GRP, and identified by JFL.

The 2007 winners of the Wolley Dod Award are Gerry Hilchie & Doug Macaulay for their discoveries of two new localities in the Willmore Wilderness Area for Erebia magdalena (Nymphalidae). This doubles the number of known locations in Alberta for this rarely seen butterfly.

The 2006 winners of the Wolley Dod Award are Jason Dombroskie & Allison Rose for finding Antispila nr. aurirubra (Heliozelidae) the first Alberta record. Collected in Edmonton (not identified with certainty though!)


The 2005 winner of the Wolley Dod Award is Chris Schmidt for finding Hydroeciodes serrata (Noctuidae) in Waterton Lakes National Park, the first record of this species in Canada.

The 2004 winner of the Wolley Dod Award is Chris Schmidt for his discovery of  Schinia avemensis (Noctuidae), Chris found an old specimen in the U of A Strickland museum, AND an extant colony in AB, the first in AB, 2nd for Canada, and 4th globally for this rare insect.


The 2003 winner of the Wolley Dod Award is Doug Macaulay for Gynaephora rossii (Erebidae: Lymantriinae). A rediscovery of a species not seen in AB for many years.

The 2002 winner of the Wolley Dod Award is John Acorn for finding Thyris maculata (Thyrididae). A new family and species for AB, based on a photo from Medicine Hat.

Thyris maculata. Medicine Hat, AB, 2002.



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