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The Wolley Dod Award

The Wolley Dod Discovery Award is awarded by ALG for the most significant
Lepidopterous discovery of the year. It is named after Frederick Hova Wolley Dod, a
prominent early Lepidopterist in the province.
Nominations must be submitted to the ALG Secretary-Treasurer. They must include the
discoverer(s), the Lepidoptera species, and the particulars of the discovery (new
provincial record, range extension, etc.). Nominations can be made by any ALG member
in good standing at the time of the AGM. ALG members may nominate themselves for
the award. Nominees do not have to be ALG members.
The call for nominations is made each fall by the ALG executive, and remains open until
nominations are declared closed at the AGM. This is immediately followed by a vote, by
members present at the AGM. Ties will be broken by the ALG President, or by toss of a
coin if the President is one of the tied nominees.
The award is commemorated on a picture frame, which remains the property of ALG.
The winners name and the discovery will be engraved on the frame each year, and a
photo of the winning insect will be displayed in the frame.

To read more about Wolley Dod click here! 



Melissa Penney and Brevan Wagner


Cosmopterix molybdina
Photo by: Melissa Penney

This tiny introduced cosmet moth was photographed by Melissa Penney in her back yard. It is new to Alberta, a range extension previously known from BC and Manitoba. It was posted to iNaturalist, and identified there by Brevan Wagner.     The ID was confirmed by micromoth expert Greg Pohl:

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