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2023 Photo Contest Winners


Agriades glandon (Arctic Blue) Photo by: Matthias Buck

Agriades glandon from Waterton Lakes NP, above Lineham Creek Trail in the lower alpine zone, July 21, 2023. A beautiful spot where I found other interesting butterflies such as Colias elis, Tharsalea heteronea, Icaricia lupini and Chlosyne damoetas. I have a lot of really nice butterfly pics from this summer and it was hard to settle on one. But this one just turned out perfect in every way.



Hemaris thetis (Hummingbird Clearwing) Photo by: John Hancock

My wife and I live in a beautiful area, close to the Castle Wildlands. Our house lies within a canyon carved out by a Rocky Mountain creek, with nothing between our front door and the Rocky Mountains. We have created a Naturescape garden in our rear garden. It was here while watering early one morning that I noticed this moth resting on a Lupin leaf. I have often attempted to photograph such a moth on the wing with very poor results. I believe this species to be Hemaris thysbe. To observe one at rest was a real thrill.


Gnophaela vermiculata (Police Car Moth) Photo by: Karen Fahrlander

I take my camera with me when I head out to my garden to weed. Usually I end up spending more time watching and photographing the fascinating insects around me than I do spending time weeding! Photo taken in Mountain View County.


Phyciodes cocyta (Northern Crescent) Photo by: Matthias Buck

A mating pair of Phyciodes cocyta from Dussault Lake Natural Area in Parkland County, July 5, 2023. I never use my cell phone in the field, but that day I forgot to charge my camera battery before I left. Half-way through the day I ran out of juice, but luckily I had my cell phone on me! This picture turned out quite nicely (NB: I only have an iPhone SE - other models have better cameras).

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